MCMagic - We're back

MCMagic is coming back, here's what you need to know

Hello everyone,


As many of you have seen, MCMagic's presence online has been revived. And for the most part regardless of any reactions from the public we've kept silent on whats really going on behind the scenes as to not engage in spats of drama. We understand that our silence and lack of explanation with our sudden re-appearance has caused many individuals some anxiety awaiting to hear what is to officially become of MCMagic. Today we are writing this article to inform you all on whats really going on with MCMagic and its future. But first we need to understand how we got here:

On November 9th 2016, the prior owner of MCMagic, David Wasman, sold the server, business, and the entirety of MCMagic's assets to PalaceNetwork which completely changed MCMagic away from its original look and brand. During the years of PalaceNetwork's operation numerous staff members were exposed to or made aware of pedophilic predatory behavior on account of Brant himself and other individuals whom will not be named. The unfortunate circumstances of this situation led to many staff members on PalaceNetwork leaving the server in good conscience to tell others- only to be silenced by Brant. On the other hand many staff members who may have had prior knowledge of these incidents chose to stay. We believe these staff stayed with the server because of their love for what MCMagic's original goal was: To provide a safe environment for people of all ages to enjoy the magic of Disney in Minecraft. We see today that many of these same people who were responsible for helping prop up the reputation of PalaceNetwork back in the day, are now out to see MCMagic shut down forever because of Brant's actions. We know the pain and suffering many have endured at the hands of this individual, but never has MCMagic as a community supported or condoned this behavior. With this said MCMagic will be returning to its upheld beliefs and community standards, as a model for how to run a family-friendly environment that actively advocates for the protection of children online.



Finding a way forwards from here

Our reasons for bringing MCMagic back

Speaking truth to power requires effort and hard work, and we empathize with everyone who have been affected by the actions of Brant, but to direct that hatred upon MCMagic is not deserved. To shut down MCMagic forever and to never talk about it - or to diminish its accomplishments and legacy only gives Brant power over this community and over the people's lives who were affected. MCMagic's heritage should not be forever tarnished due to the likes of Brant, That's PalaceNetwork's legacy.

Since 2012 therealduckie and his team successfully brought years of unique experiences to the server community - The fond memories of which have lasted hundreds their lifetime over, thats the legacy of MCMagic and that deserves to be upheld and preserved. It is wrong to conflate MCMagic with Brant, and its a disservice to the whole community that once enjoyed the contents of the MCMagic Parks.
MCMagic will continue this tradition that has been set-up by the prior Cast Member teams.


A lot of trust in this community and the MCMagic brand has been destroyed since then. We will make it our mission to rebuild that trust with this community by doing everything we can to show you what MCMagic is all about. We hope everyone gives this community a chance to heal and unite with us.
With these thoughts in mind we are making MCMagic public again. However we in the spirit of transparency and support of this amazing community want to make a few points very clear.


We are NOT PalaceNetwork

We don't ever intend to be

The MCMagic that is returning to this community is not PalaceNetwork - And it never will be.
What Guests can expect to find when they join onto MCMagic is a perfectly preserved snapshot of what MCMagic originally was before it was taken over by PalaceNetwork in 2016. Guests will find the original parks and maps- with shows and rides functioning exactly as they were in summer of 2016.
This server will be open as a reminder of what MCMagic was- and what it still is today; a source of joy and inspiration that started the great big community of theme park servers that currently exist.


MCMagic has no plans to be maintained, updated, or continued in any manner. This server will function as a literal present-day time-capsule of 2016. We understand that numerous people will feel differently about this decision but the intention is pure- and we invite you to rediscover the magic and innocence this community has since lost. We know of many-many people who miss the feeling of nostalgia that MCMagic brought to them through their screens back in the day- and that does not deserve to be witheld from anyone. Regardless of who you are or the trek through this community that you have experienced, we here at MCMagic support you and wish to see everyone move forward with a future full of opportunities and new experiences. We also invite the newest community members to come visit MCMagic and experience the same wonders that our older members got the priviledge to be a part of. Only together can we build a brighter future for our shared community and love for theme parks, We at MCMagic believe everyone should be included in this union.

MCMagic is dedicated to do good

Doing right by this community

We believe the best way to repair relations across this community is to do better as a whole. Our top priority at the core of MCMagic has been following Disney's model to provide the safest family-friendly environment on our servers. It is an unfortunate reality that things like the PalaceNetwork incident happen, but that does not mean that MCMagic and the community as a whole can't influence change.


With the re-opening of MCMagic we want to do right by this community to ensure that prior events are prevented from happening in the future. For that reason MCMagic will be supporting a Non-Profit known as The Innocent Lives Foundation. The I.L.F. is a charity dedicated to working directly with Law enforcement and the cyber crimes division of the F.B.I. to track down online child predators and bring them to justice. To kick off our opening of the server we are sponsoring a campaign to raise money for this cause and the amazing work they do daily. If you wish to help MCMagic on our mission to ensure the safety of this community, you can support the campaign by clicking here. 100% of all proceeds will go directly toward the Innocent Lives Foundation and the work they do to keep us safe.

Together we can make this community what it once was; a wholesome place full of wonder. MCMagic is proud to be a part of the community regardless how others may feel about our return.


For our community members who may feel triggered or insulted by MCMagic's return, we completely understand and want to help you in any way we can. We encourage you all to reach out and give feedback on how we can best serve you all- and we are happy to partner with industry professionals to aid in getting support to community members in need of an outlet for previous traumas. We are here for everyone- together we will make a brighter more magical future for this community.