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December 8, 2023


To all that come to this happy place, welcome.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to MCMagic! We are excited to have former alumni and new team members working together to create magical memories for all! We are happy to announce in 2024 MCMagic will fully relaunch. Over the last few weeks, a new team has come together and has started the groundwork on this process. This process will take time, as we are committing to delivering a refreshed experience that offers a very similar feel to the 2016 version of the server.

Why 2024?

We are choosing to target 2024 because our intention is to start the project completely from scratch. Currently, the server is still using maps, models, textures, and other assets from 2016. We did not create these assets, therefore we feel it would be better for us to start fresh, as previously mentioned. This will include starting new builds using a 1.5:1 scale, as opposed to the previous 1:1 scale currently displayed through the existing builds. Minecraft has added many new features over the last 7 years since MCMagic has closed. There are many new blocks and other amazing tools we plan to take advantage of to create a new magical experience! We want to be honest and inform you that this new team is separate from the previous owners. While some of us worked with them, we have a fresh vision for the future

What will happen to all the current assets?

That is a brilliant question! As we mentioned above, our plan is to retire all the current 2016 assets, in favor of new fresh assets. However, we aren’t just going to store them on a server and allow them to collect dust. Our plan is to create a public archive on our website for all of the builds, models, maps, etc. once the new design and development processes begin. There are many individuals that worked on a lot of these maps and builds. It’s only fair to allow them to either have or see that work once more! There will be a showcase of talented alumni from 2016 and before in the park. We’ll include them as hidden characters in the game and display their names at EPCOT. We’re also creating an MCMagic Museum to showcase the server’s history.

Looking forward

The process will take a great deal of time with our commitment to launch the most magical experience. We will regularly share updates on our progress through blog posts, social media, and live-streamed meetings on Twitch and Youtube. You’ll receive exclusive access to behind the scenes looks and developer blogs that explore the technology and development progress. When we are absolutely confident with the server being in a sharable state, we will plan to offer early access via a paid alpha. This will allow us to collect early player feedback, receive bug reports, and stress test the infrastructure. This will allow us to provide players with a smooth and enjoyable experience when we eventually launch MCMagic to the public.