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Role Responsibilities Requirements
Guest Relations Guest Relations Cast Members help out Guests with any questions or problems they may have in the Parks or on Mumble. If you are part of the Guest Relations team, your main priority is to help Guests find what they need to, such as a ride, an event, or a restaurant. You also must moderate chat for our Guests' safety. If you are unable to assist a Guest with their question, you direct them to a Manager or someone else who can help them. Spelling and Grammar are both essential parts to being a Guest Relations CM since most of your interaction with Guests happens in chat.
Imagineer Imagineers are the Cast Members that build our Parks, Resorts, and more! You will be responsible for completing a certain project as it has been created in the real Parks. A big requirement here is teamwork, most projects you join will involve working with others. Knowing how to build 1:1 (exactly to scale) is recommended, but not required. If you aren't able to build 1:1 you will work on interiors, facades or other detailing. In order to become an Imagineer, you must complete an Imagineer Assessment while a Cast Member.
Media Our Media role is responsible for producing videos for our YouTube Channel, posting pictures on our Instagram Account and for posting tweets on our Twitter Account. Experience with any of the following is recommended, but not required: Adobe Photoshop, Replaymod, and any approved video editor. Experience with any program listed above is not required, but recommended. If you don't have experience, you can help plan/produce videos.
Show Design Show Developers are responsible for recreating Disney's stage productions and firework shows in our Parks. These Developers work with our custom Show System to sync fireworks and other effects to audio in our Resource Packs. Because of the high quality of our productions (Fantasmic, Illuminations, Wishes, etc.) Show Developers must maintain the standard and recreate shows as closely as possible. The size of our Show Design team is limited. To be trained in Show Development, you must be recommended by an existing Show Developer while a Cast Member.
Creative Staff Creative Staff spend most of their time on our Creative Server. They are in-charge of running Build-Offs and moderating chat on the Creative Server. Being part of the Creative Staff does not mean you can't help out in the Parks. Also, if you are not part of the Creative Staff you are still allowed to help out and have fun on the Creative Server. Similar to Guest Relations, Spelling and Grammar are very important. Also, you must interact with Guests on Creative.