Applications for Cast Member are Currently Closed

Thank you for your interest in MCMagic and taking the time to want to learn more about joining our team!

Currently applications for Cast Member are closed at this time. Applications for cast member will reopen after the December 2015 meeting.


In the meantime, below is some general information about the application process and what we expect of our Cast Members.

When an applicant is hired, they are first placed in an internship role for a period of training, education and trial. We help you learn how to manage Guests, interact professionally, cooperate with peers and work your way to a full Cast Member role. From Guest Relations (where you deal with daily guest assistance, handle shows, perform park tours and interact with the guests) to Imagineers (who brings the parks into Minecraft by building everything in the parks from attractions, shops, restaurants and even to the bathrooms, the resorts, the mechanics, and more), to Management - each role is important & valued.

Remember; You are applying with a server that is representing a first-class entertainment organization that is well known around the world for it's movies, music, theme parks, and more. We expect you to be cooperative, mature, creative and efficient with a passion for all things Disney.

We are looking for applicants who stand out among thousands, that are willing to do their best to play their part and put the Guest's interests & needs above all else.

With your extraordinary talents, our renowned legacy and the promise of an even brighter future unite, just imagine the stories you'll be part of...


Intern is MCMagic's entry-level Cast Member role. This is the position for every new-hire Cast Members or those too young to be one. This position has fewer responsibilities than our full-time Cast Members, but it is enough to manage most responsibilities such as moderation of chat. There is no age restriction on this position. Mumble is required, however, for all staff members.


As a staff member you must comply with the following rules:

  • You can not work for any other Walt Disney World servers.
  • You must follow the same ethics and guidelines you did as a Guest (e.g., no spamming, no swearing, no using all caps, etc.)
  • You cannot alter projects either finished or in progress without permission of the owner of the project and a manager.
  • Griefing any server, MCMagic or other servers, is an automatic ban and staff termination.
  • All Cast Members are required to go through training first, before they receive their tag and full responsibility/abilities for the role they are hired for.
  • The rules stated on this form may change at anytime.

Again, we thank you for your time and interest in employment opportunities at MCMagic

Best Regards,
MCMagic Management