Hub/Transportation and Ticketing Center - /join hub
Magic Kingdom - /join mk
Epcot - /join epcot
Hollywood Studios - /join hws
Animal Kingdom - /join ak

Resorts - /join resorts

Typhoon Lagoon - /join typhoon

Creative - /join creative
Seasonal - /join seasonal

Arcade - /join arcade

Mumble Voice Server: Port: 64738



MCMagic Family of Server:

Server Address:

Type /join to get a list of servers to join!



Hub Server:

Type this command: /join Hub

MK Server:

Type this command: /join MK

HWS Server:

Type this command: /join HWS

Epcot Server:

Type this command: /join Epcot

Animal Kingdom Server:

Type this command: /join AK

Typhoon Lagoon Server:

Type this command: /join Typhoon

Creative free-build server:

Type this command: /join Creative

Here is where you can SHINE! Build your own creations on your very own massive 256×256 sized plot. You can even share plots with friends and build even bigger!

Arcade Server:

Type this command: /join Arcade

In beta testing right now is the newest MCMagic server, the MCMagic Arcade! Check back for more information in the future about what is to come on the newest server!

Cast Member Build Server:

This is where all the magic happens!


Mumble voice chat:

Lable: mcMagic


Port: 64738

Username: your Minecraft name

Chat with other guests, take tours, and meet your favorite Cast Members!

Download the software here: